Mary Lee Stephen’s Art

Mary Lee Stephen’s Art


Random thoughts, works-in-progress, and self reflection 

3 Jul 2022

I am so depressed about the politics of the day, I don’t understand the cruelty of people who can support the right wing agenda. It saps all creativity.

2 Jun 2022

Now comes the time when I have no idea what to paint. I have vague thoughts of doing a portrait because I want to hone those skills but nothing is moving me. Maybe I will copy a famous portrait to learn how a master does it. I don’t know. Maybe a pet portrait? I’ve never done one of those before. Hmmm, just kinda flailing around here.

13 May 2022

Starting a new painting. As always I’m excited to figure this one out. So many layers! Starting out with an acrylic layer just to get the composition down, once I’m happy with that I’ll move on to oils.

8 May 2022

Finally varnished and finished all the paintings and reorganized the webpage to reflect the current availability and prices. Now I need to prime some canvases for future paintings. Maybe I’ll be able to start a new painting in a couple of days.

13 Apr 2022

Sold a painting today, thank you Bill! 

I’ve decided not to start another painting until I sign, varnish and completely finish all the ones that are “currently unavailable.” I also need to prep some more canvases.

3 Apr 2022


I am dissatisfied with the quality of my artwork. There, I said it! I know I’m suppose to be embracing my artistic self, but today my artistic self seems very inadequate. I should quit wasting paint and canvases and time. The house needs a good cleaning. The dog needs a long walk. Some days are harder than others.

Still it is springtime and the sun is rising and the newborn leaves are glowing in various shades of fresh green while the redbuds and dogwoods bloom in counterpoint. All that hung on the lattice of bare branches, their owners still sleeping in winters dormancy.

I love the world, but for my entire life, it seems there has always been a shadow of missing something I cannot name. I think that’s what I’m trying to find in my artwork.

2 Apr 2022

Finished “Best Friends” and now it’s time to varnish a bunch of paintings and prep a bunch of canvases. Not a part of painting I particularly like. Also need to figure out a way to get more of my paintings “out there.” I’m running out of room.

1 Apr 2022

Happy April fools day!

Well, yesterday was a do nothing day, so painting is still not finished, perhaps today. Of course, it is April fools day, so … who knows.

29 Mar 2022

Ok, dragon is looking a little better, I think I would like to do a full size dragon one of these days, but first I need to finish this painting. I’ve switched to oils, they’re better for details and blending, but acrylics are faster. This is painted on a hardboard which is great for less prep. Maybe I’ll finish it up today.

27 Mar 2022

Random thoughts and works in progress.

This is what I’m working on at the moment, or to be completely honest, not working on. I seem to be in a quagmire of self-doubt and lost vision for this painting. This is in acrylic, but I’m having trouble with the colors, so I’m considering going over it with oils, just to get the blending I like. The dragon needs lots and lots of work, so much work that I’m stuck as to how to proceed.

Maybe I will get my focus back today and work on it some more, but for now, I’m procrastinating by adding this blog page to my website.